Thou Mayest

​​​​​Inspired by the beauty of the sea, and the potential greatness of every person, Timshel’s mission is to provide transformative educational experi​ences aboard its 85 foot sailing vessel in partnership with organizations serving humankind. We believe that healing, liberation, empowerment and growth can be achieved through personal relationships, creativity, and exposure to the natural environment.

Timshel is an 85 foot sailboat that we are building out to sail from Miami to California, starting this Fall 2015.  Our intentions are to create a West coast based non-profit sailing company that will collaborate with other humanitarian organizations. We will be providing instructional sailing experiences for people who would not typically have access to that type of environment.   To be a platform for existing non-profit programs and provide a nautical space for their outreach, is what we are most excited to share with you.   We would like to invite you to follow and support us along our inaugural journey moving Timshel.  Check theFollow link to share our journey through the Panama Canal repositioning.  Check the Donate link for our financial goals and updates and how you can help us reach those goals.  Check the Services link to see what we have to offer. Exciting things are happening!


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